The Human Condition: Survival

An Open Movie Documentary Project is an open documentary/movie project about basic income as a solution or foundation for building a more resilient future. This documentary explores human survival from prehistoric times to the present day, and our future as an advanced, civilized society. We can learn from our ancestors and understand what we need to do to create an advanced society with the same principle as our hunter-gatherer forefathers and foremothers. Anthropologists have discovered it is based on the simple premise that “no one goes hungry unless everyone is”. [1]

This film is an adventure through time and a look at the vulnerability of humans and their place on the billion years old planet. A quick prologue of the planet and the million years of inhabitants before us are also showcased. Our place from past history and recent transformations to the next transformation to makes us more resilient and more united.

The main thesis of the film is basic income, its history, and its constant reappearance throughout history as part of the discussion about the human struggle and our existence. It is an idea fraught with lots of misconception and misinformation while at the same time, one of the most studied and persistently debated policies in our short history on this planet from ancient philosophy to modern day civil rights and historical challenges. The story of humanity is weaved through a fabric of colorful historical figures and events through time. Past records and more recent basic income results have been dusted off and explained thoroughly, which tears through the misconception and stereotype of the human behaviors that set us back from progress.

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[1] From anthropologist study of hunter-gatherer society of Iroquois nations of North America or Nuer village of Africa consistent with other studies, and as told by an indigenous elder during the 2016 North American Basic Income Congress in Winnipeg.

The report "Basic Income Mid- and Post-Crisis, Lessons from Mincome" is out. Please click on the report cover image to the left to go to the report's page.